Scooter Shelters and Rack
Scooter Rack Shelters

Scooter Rack Shelters

Combined Lockable Scooter Shelter and Cycle Shelter - Apex Shelters

Combined Lockable Scooter Shelter and Cycle Shelter – Apex Shelters


Apex Shelter Systems manufacture a range of shelters which can be used for the storage of scooter racks.

Roofing for the shelters can be supplied in plastsiol coating steel – to a standard colour or in 5mm or 4mm thick transparent PET.

Scooter Shelter and Cycle Shelter - Apex Shelters

Scooter Shelter and Cycle Shelter – Apex Shelters

All scooter shelters can be supplied with adjustable base plates for floor mounting or with extended legs for sinking into concrete.  The scooter shelters are supplied in kit form with full assembly instructions. All end frames and racks are fully welded.  The shelters can be manufactured to store scooter racks only or a variety of scooter racks and bike racks as seen in the image below.
Steel Work Finishes & Colours

Hot Dipped Galvanizing
– to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 This treatment offers a low maintenance, long lasting finish for all types of environment. It is dull silver in appearance.

Polyester Powder Coating
Powder coating has excellent outdoor exposure qualities, as well as offering an attractive consistent appearance in a variety of colours.

The importance of the finish is not only the visible top coat, but, equally, the pre-treatment of the steelwork. All Apex products are shot blast to SA2.5 to degrease the surface and provide a key for the subsequent processes. The steel is then etch primed with Zinc Phosphate anti-corrosive Primer then the final coat of Polyester Powder is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface to a thickness of 80 – 110 microns. The treated steelwork is then heat-cured, melting the Polyester Powder into a continuous phase and bonding it into the steelwork. Polyester Powder Coating provides a high durability and high resistance to weathering plus excellent colour stability.

Another option available for powder coating is Extra Life.  This is a programme of coating systems that offers product protection for up to 12 years.  It incorporates the latest powder primer technologies.  Please ask our Sales Department for a quotation with Extra Life.